Baile de los Diablitos

Comments from members of our 2006-2007 group

"Sarah Joy & Julio have built a bridge to the indigenous community that was educational, fun, and non-invasive to the people who live there... They provide tours with a heart. If one wants to see the common tourist sites that is very easy but with Sarah Joy and Julio one can experience the true Costa Rica with friendly and informative guides who will provide you with an unforgettable experience of your visit to 'paradise'."

-Annalisa Bandalera, Santa Barbara, Costa Rica (originally from USA)

"It was beyond a doubt one of the best adventures of my life. What a unique and authentic experience. The landscape is beautiful and the people of Boruca are curious about us as much as we are about them. Living, eating with, and spending time with Boruca families gave me a first-hand insight into their unique lifestyle. Those five days felt to me like a real escape into another dimension."

-Gosia Duszak, San Pedro de San Jose, Costa Rica (originally from Poland)

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Costa Rica, October 2007