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Baile de los

Boyero Tours Costa Rica

Boruca Diablitos Boyero Tours Costa Rica
Diablitos with traditional masks. Photo by G. Duszak

Dear Friends Old and New,

Are you looking for a unique experience for New Years?

We have once again been invited to the indigenous community of Boruca at the end of the year to watch and learn about the Baile de los Diablitos (a good translation would be Dance of the Spirits). Our friends in Boruca have asked us to extend this invitation to other adventurous and respectful travelers to share in their most sacred and exciting festival. Are you such a traveler, and if so, would you like to join us.

This is a multi-day festival that celebrates the fact that the Brunka people were never conquered by the Spanish conquistadores. Many of the men dress up as diablitos (representing ancestral spirits) and fight against a bull (representing the Spaniards). At the beginning it seems like the bull might win, but in the end the diablitos prevail! There are sometimes hundreds of spectators of both foreigners and locals to this festival, but only local men who have carved their own masks are allowed to participate.

We are now seeking adventurous people to join us on this amazing journey. Our guided tour is not an ordinary tour. We want you to discover an extraordinary and personal adventure and allow you to get an intimate understanding of the community.

During the Baile in 2006, Boyero Tours was commended by the Boruca Development Commission as an example of what ethno-tourism in Boruca should be. We (Sarah Joy & Julio) act as translators, coordinators and cultural guides, helping the local guides to share their culture and traditions with you.

Please note that this is a flexible itinerary and will be adjusted to accommodate the interests and needs of the group as a whole and the timing will be adjusted for Boruca's special brand of "Tico Time".

See below for the itinerary.


Sarah Joy & Julio
-Boyero Tours-
Boruca Diablitos y Toro Boyero Tours Costa Rica
The diablitos fighting the bull. Photo by G. Dusza

"Doña Rosa in her kitchen "Boruca Rosa Boyero Tours Costa Rica
Delicious homemade meals and afternoon snacks in Boruca are included.

Day 1
Early morning pick-up in San Jose, morning drive to Boruca, early afternoon arrival to town.
Lunch, afternoon snack and dinner (indeed, all your meals during the rest of your stay) will be prepared by Doña Rosa and assisted by her daughters and daughters-in-law.  She will be your guide for the traditional Borucan cuisine. We will help get you settled in the local home where you will be hosted the next 4 nights.
At night a storyteller will share some legends and myths of the Brunka people.

"View from top of the sacred mountain "Boruca Cuasran Boyero Tours
The mountain is the home to Cuasrán, the protective spirit of the Brunka people.

Day 2
Early breakfast and a morning hike on Mount Cuasrán.  This is one of the most important places in the Boruca tradition and the home of one of the most important gods of the Brunka, Cuasrán. 
In the afternoon we will have an introduction from local leaders and learn the guidelines and rules for visitors during the Baile. At night, everybody in town gets together for the opening ceremony for the Baile de los Diablitos.

"Waterfalls inhabited by spirits" Boruca Waterfalls Boyero Tours Costa Rica
The majesty of this place and its views are the perfect preface for a day full of emotions at the Baile.

Day 3
Half day tour to visit the magical waterfalls, home to many spirits, both good and mischevious. We will visit the outskirts of Boruca on a mild hike. The more adventurous members of the group can walk on rocks, roots and in the river to the edge or even to the bottom of the waterfalls.
The afternoon and evening will be free to enjoy the Baile de los Diablitos activities.

"Lidia weaves and sews with a smile" Boruca Woman Artisan Boyero Tours Costa Rica
Dozens of women and men make their living as artisans. Traditionally men carve masks and women work with textiles.

Day 4
In the morning you will visit some amazing artisans.  Traditionally the men carve wood to create the world famous Boruca masks and the women spin, dye and weave impressive textiles.  We will also visit the local museum.
The afternoon and evening will be free to enjoy the Baile de los Diablitos activities.

Day 5
The celebration of the Baile de los Diablitos lasts all day. The final battle among the diablitos and the bull starts just before dusk and ends with a big bonfire.

A procession of the bull, diablitos and townspeople through the town. Photo by G. Duszak

Boruca Prosecion Boyero Tours Costa Rica

Day 6
Goodbye to our new friends in Boruca and departure for San Jose

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are a limited number of host families and therefore we need to reserve this wonderful option as far in advance as possible. Alternative lodging may be in a rental home (no Boruca family living there).
There is also an option to camp with your own tent with shared bathroom facilities.
Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know of your interest. This exciting trip includes round trip transportation from San José, all meals, all guided tours and homestay in a private room in the home of a local Boruca family. We will have a private van to make the transportation more comfortable. We would like to know the size of the group as soon as possible so that we can let the families know and reserve the appropriate size van.

"You guys are great! What personal attention! What a great group of people! I am in love with the smiling Pedro (our local guide)! When can we go again?!!!"

-Laurie Burns, Heredia, Costa Rica (originally from USA)

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Visit our friend Lauren's website:

Mariposa Imports

to learn more about her import company which supports the Borucan artisans and their ancient arts of mask-making and weaving.

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